Some jazzy stuff

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Some jazzy stuff

Another feature of Synfire I like is Resample, that allows you to fill the intervals between two notes according to the subdivision chosen. Beside this, Resample extends the lengths of the interpolated notes, so adding an interesting "sitar effect"; that is, a piano pedal effect (that I've not used here).

The instruments in "Drum Things" are:

  1. Yamaha C7 piano from Synthogy
  2. "Swing 1" groove from the example library provided with Synfire
  3. Synfire acoustic bass
  4. and, finally, an odd instrument from 8Dio: the Wrenchenspiel, a carillon made of tuned wrenches


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Hey, Thank you for sharing that

beside drums which is nice, the piano part is also good example to have some jazzy feeling in Synfire, for me this file had something good to learn, so thank you

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