Two crash types on OSX 10.14.5

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Two crash types on OSX 10.14.5

Synfire (latest Version) will crash:

- as soon as i access the top menu of the app (Apple, Synfire, Edit..)
This doesnt happen always, but very often, an it happens as soon as the app is loaded

- when i try to import a midi file, browsing in the OSX file dialog will immediately freeze the app (coloured ball is spinning)


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Last seen 14 hours 33 min ago

Thanks for reporting. 

I could not reproduce this yet (using Synfire all day on 10.14.6 beta), but it is likely that the next update will fix it, since we improved some details how the UI interfaces with macOS. 

If you know a way to repoduce it reliably, we could verify whether the fix is successful.

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