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Articles on everything about music composition in general and Synfire in particular. If you have music to show, ideas to discuss or workflows to share, you can write your own blog post today. Find all blog posts of a user by clicking on their user name or avatar picture.

Violin on Ice - cinematic music video

By Ruchir

Sorry all. I used the magic of Synfire to use similar elements in two tracks recently. This is the second one. I'd be curious if you could spot the substantially reused elements (...)


Spring Ballad by HiEnergy

By HiEnergy

I've composed a rather short Spring ballad theme tune and put it next to some footage I recorded during Spring in Berlin. Listen to it here:


Introduction To Synfire

By andre

Users that are new to Synfire often expect it to work like a DAW. To their credit, the difference is indeed difficult to tell at first glance, at least until it's unique (...)


Upright Bass !!

By andre

Extremely cool upright bass solo here. I just came across this while programming a similar style for the upcoming generative algos. Erm, it won't be quite as exciting as this live performance (...)


Markus Boerner - Catharsis

By Markus Boerner

I just want to comment Synfire Pro shortly. I have bought it and thought there was too much unwanted interpretation. One morning I woke up and tried Synfire Pro anew. I just (...)


Synfire generated score + mp3

By RobertoD

Another example of morphing containers + a simple melody over a pretty fast accompaniment + the Synfire .xml generated file as imported in Finale.


"Flowers" by HiEnergy

By HiEnergy

This time I've taken a chamber music tune I composed long ago with the help of Synfire and some photos I took 6 years ago and combined this into a video with (...)


On Intelligent Generators

By andre

Artificial intelligence has been around for decades, but only recently neural networks, deep learning in particular, became a hot topic again. I wanted to share a bit of insight into Cognitone's perspective on this is and what we are currently doing in the way of new intelligent features for Synfire.

Video example: my first attempt

By RobertoD

Hi. I tried to realize with Screenflow a guide on how to preserve the chromatic passages in Synfire without disabling the Voice Leading checkbox under the Interpretation tab. I uploaded the video (...)


Uploaded a workflow video to YouTube

By HiEnergy

I've uploaded a video screencast showing my composition workflow for creating a simple snippet of music with Ableton Live and Synfire Pro. Descriptive text is in the subtitles. Be sure to enable (...)


Para Navidad (2017) by Codetronx

By Jorge.Codina

Once again... Christmas For my family, friends, colleagues and fellow musicians, composers... All my love and gratitude Audio version: Synfire Pro + Logic Pro X + Eastwest Gold stuff


A Blues-ish Brahms (test)

By RobertoD

I'm doing some tests to find a viable way of assembling a library which could work in different harmonic contexts. The attached brahms_op4.coglib proved to be a good candidate. The op.4 Scherzo (...)