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Articles on everything about music composition in general and Synfire in particular. If you have music to show, ideas to discuss or workflows to share, you can write your own blog post today. Find all blog posts of a user by clicking on their user name or avatar picture.

Brahms Intermezzo + Autumn Leaves

By RobertoD

Today I used Synfire to transform a Brahms intermezzo into something else. First, in Synfire I recorded from a MIDI piano the first 9 measures of Brahms at a very slow BPM (...)


Chopin Prelude in G

By RobertoD

While I am struggling against a annoying influence, I have pledged to understand the basic concepts of Synfire. And, frankly, my surprise was great when I saw that the software is able (...)


Up for remixes: Sprikes

By andre

This is an example song featuring 10 instances of Sprike and no other synth (except a drum preset from Soundcase). So this is a real demo of what you can do with (...)


Sprike: Feedback and Patches

By andre

Enjoying Sprike already? We'd love to hear some feedback and encourage you to explore it and create some new sounds. We'd love to hear them! I should note that Synfire 1.8 is (...)


Orchestral Music with Synfire

By ChristianM-Orchestra

Hi All, I've finished Polynegram Fragment 2, protyped in Synfire Pro. At the end of video, I've put a special mention for "Synfire" (poke Andre). It's here : [EDIT] A version (...)


My new project: Planetary Treasures

By Jorge.Codina

Starting a new project: 'Planetary Treasures'. Music joined to photos and art from all around the world First Track: 'Butterflies' For further tracks, subscribe the Youtube channel. For downloading music only (...)


Synfire Users Collaboration

By juergen

A while ago, the idea of establishing local Synfire user groups was born. I followed the further course of things with interest, however I was a bit skeptical whether this could work (...)



By shed

One of my song composed with Synfire


Finished latest track - Lost Memories

By blacksun

Some of you may remember a tune I posted a while back, a first attempt at something classical sounding. Firstly thank you everyone that commented and encouraged me. Secondly, I've redid parts (...)