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Connecting HN with VSTi's

There are already several videos from Cognitone about the sound setup for Harmony Navigator:

Here is an additional video that also may be helpful. It demonstrates how to connect Harmony Navigator with VST instruments which are hosted at Cubase. The connection between HN and Cubase is done via the MIDI loopback driver loopbe30, which comes with HN2 advanced. 

Reinstalling Harmony Navigator 2

When a computer is reinstalled , what is the correct procedure for reinstalling Harmony navigator.

I have tried deactivating and also not deactivating, but the result is always  the same. You don't seem alowed to reinstall the software on any computer (PC or Mac) for a second time as it will only authorise one time , then installation is permently discarded.

I have now run out of alternative computers to reinstall on as I have been doing in the past. Windows when used with lots of music software programs especially, is not a very stable o/s and i need to reinstall the operating system every few months.

What should i have done when i reinstal to get the program up and running back on the same computer, and what should i do now.

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