Setting up sound racks

Synfire Drones and DAW "Track Templates"

Hi there,

if you want to use Synfire as a midi sequencer,
so...no Engines,no Rack saves,
just  Midi Drones and want to host everything in the DAW

this is the way that i am using  for long time,
with Reaper mainly and the FL Studio.
it was  kind a semi hack semi workaround at the first...
but then thanks to Andre now has official support!
called :
Transient Module.

Exporting and re-importing MIDI files

If you want to export your Synfire arrangement as a MIDI file (for example to edit it at the DAW) and re-import it afterwards into Synfire you should use the option File >> Import >> Standard MIDI File (Using My Private Sounds) to get back the previously used sound assignment.

This video (made with an older version of Synfire, but still true) shows how this feature works:


Orchestra device template

Hi all.

I've attached a generic orchestra template I've been working on that might be useful as a starter for others. Each orchestra group is split into its own bank with the idea that the template offers a schema for organising instrument channels.

I've copied the playing ranges from the EWQLSO Orchestra template. 

It does not include any articulations as I am planning to use Program change messages to select these rather than keyswitches.


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