Synchronization with DAW

Linking Synfire with your DAW

MIDI Drones in Cubase

The term "MIDI Drone" means that the Drone does not host the VST instrument itself (what's the usual way to use the drones) but only receives MIDI data from Synfire which then can be routed to a VSTi, which is directly hosted at the DAW. This is an alternative to regular Drones in such cases in which a VSTi can not be hosted at the drone itself for any reason.  

To do that in Cubase, use the following steps:

Cognitone Drone, Sprike or Soundcase Plug-ins are not showing up in DAW or Synfire

Before re-scanning your installed plug-ins, make sure the search path includes the directory where your Drones have been put when you installed Synfire (default: C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VstPlugins). The search path is shown in a dialog window that pops up immediately after you requested a scan. On Windows, different directories apply for 32 and 64 bit plug-ins.

Cool Ableton routing tips

1. If you want to take advantage of Ableton's instruments or if you want to rack plugins in Ableton, put a drone on a different track. On your track with said plugins, in the MIDI From box, choose the drone. Here you get the tight sync with Synfire, plus the ability to use racks and Ableton's instruments.

2. You can put all of your drones inside of one rack, so you only need one track for Synfire's drones. The other tracks can still receive MIDI from specific drones.


This seems to work fine for me. We just need the Ableton muting issue fixed, and we'll be set!

Propellerhead Folder Permissions Fix (Mac)

This shell script fixes file and folder permissions in the Propellerhead Software folder. Use this in case some other software installer has messed with the permissions and you can no longer install or update Synfire Pro. This script is meant as a workaround until we will have changed the installer to ask you for admin privileges and make these modifications automatically.

No sound in Sonar when triggered from Synfire

This may be documented already. This is more of a tip rather than a suggestion.

The following allows Synfire to be the active program, while Sonar is still able to sound when midi is sent from Synfire to Sonar.

In Sonar, make sure you uncheck the "Share drivers with other programs" checkbox. This is located under the audio options advance tab. Under the Playback and Recording section.

I spent days and days trying yo figure this out and it was frustrating. I hope this is useful to others.



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