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Arranging For Orchestra

Author cognitone

Create an orchestral arrangement based on phrases and parameters taken from a library. A long video with lots of tips and tricks along the way.



0:50    Loading Sounds
1:22     Preparing The File
1:43    Background Harmony For Editing
2:23    Preparing a Library
2:44    Drawing, Importing Phrases
4:40    Recording Phrases In Advance
5:25    Building The Score: Part A
7:06    Default Controllers Per Instrument
7:33    Recording Phrases In Arrangement
9:24    Part B
11:24    Part C
12:07    Blend In Background Instrument
13:52    Harmony For Part C
14:49    Refining Part C
17:14    Record Horn Melody
18:05    Brass!
19:50    Overview
20:21    Cleaning Up
20:34    Final Review