Synchronization with DAW

Linking Synfire with your DAW

Hanging Notes

This issue has been reported for Cubase and EastWest PLAY system (EWQL). It may also occur with other plug-ins, sound libraries or DAWs.

When running PLAY inside one or more Drones in Cubase, you may experience hanging (dangling) notes. That is, notes continue to sustain after playback stopped. The issue does not occur in the Synfire Audio Engine. It does not seem to have anything to do with Synfire.

Automating Ableton Live native instruments from Synfire

This no longer seems possible with Ableton Live 9. You can use Synfire to send midi cc to ableton and use an instrument's midi learn to map the controller but the native instruments (all rack controls, operator, etc) do not work. They only seem to respond to midi cc sent from a real midi controller.

List of DAWs Compatible With Synfire

Basically every DAW that supports ReWire and VST or AudioUnits should work fine with Synfire. The following DAWs have been tested and are know to work with Synfire:

Full: Transport (ReWire) and Drones:

  1. Ableton Live
  2. Logic 9, Logic X
  3. Cubase
  4. Pro Tools (AAX)
  5. Reaper
  6. Presonus Studio One
  7. Digital Performer
  8. Tracktion 6

The following DAWs are known to NOT synchronize with Synfire:

  1. Bitwig (no ReWire)
  2. Harrison MixBus

    (no ReWire)

Synfire Drones and DAW "Track Templates"

Hi there,

if you want to use Synfire as a midi sequencer, Engines,no Rack saves,
just  Midi Drones and want to host everything in the DAW

this is the way that i am using  for long time,
with Reaper mainly and the FL Studio.
it was  kind a semi hack semi workaround at the first...
but then thanks to Andre now has official support!
called :
Transient Module.

MIDI File Transfer From DAW

Sometimes you want to import a midi file into Synfire that you created yourself for your specific studio setup, for example one that you just exported from a DAW and want to further refine with Synfire. In this situation, it is important for you to keep the devices and channels exactly as in the file. This ensures the imported file plays back correctly in Synfire after the import.

When the import dialog pops up (see picture), Synfire first assumes the file uses GM Standard and estimates the sound of each track by the GM program numbers it finds in the file.

Relocating VSTi from Engine to Drone (Cubase)

This video demonstrates from scratch the steps to relocate a VSTi (here: Halion Sonic) from a Synfire Engine to a drone hosted at the DAW (here: Cubase).

As you can see in the video it is necessary to set the sound categories and the sound names before you can relocate the VSTi since otherwise the 'relocate' button is greyed out.

Note: Due to an issue at my sound setup the screen capture program did only record the sound from the Synfire Engine but not the sound from the drone at Cubase. That's only an issue at the video. In reality the sound was there.

Connecting HN with VSTi's

There are already several videos from Cognitone about the sound setup for Harmony Navigator:

Here is an additional video that also may be helpful. It demonstrates how to connect Harmony Navigator with VST instruments which are hosted at Cubase. The connection between HN and Cubase is done via the MIDI loopback driver loopbe30, which comes with HN2 advanced. 


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